**ACTIVE CHECK**I Believe It’s Time to Come Back**ACTIVE CHECK**

The majority of our troops (including myself) have been inactive for the last few months. I honestly take the blame, because it was after I left SS the activeness started to decline. But I am back to put this small army back on track (and also because I had nothing better to do). Like I mentioned on CPUN, I am currently out of town and I won’t be back for a few days. I depend on you guys to make this a thriving army again. To get more recruits, we may have change our name to something more “common-sounding” (Thanks to Sky for the advice!!!) Leave your ideas (bonus) in the following active check:

  1. What’s your username?
  2. What’s your rank?
  3. Are you ready to bring back the army?
  4. BONUS: Do you have any name ideas? If so, what are they?

Let’s get this started.


Just an FYI

Silver Soldiers are dead. I retired. The “CP Recon Force” are trying to invade a dead army, or an “old army” as their leader calls it. I have a few problems with their case.

  • If this is a dead army, they are guaranteed to win. Therefore it is an unlegit battle.
  • Again, they commented on this site which (until now) had not been posted on for a few months. They know we are dead, and they are trying to get an easy win
  • They are definitely beating a dead horse.
  • They have no logical reason to somehow kill an already-dead army.
  • The only reason why I posted this was to show how fallacious their concept of invading a dead army is.

They can go ahead and take the server. First of all, the already-dead SS had buttloads of other servers. Second, AGAIN, this is a dead army. They can take it anyway.

Not sure who remembers me but…

hey people, ive been away from all armies for about a year and am NOT returning. Cuz CP has been redicilous lately (its all disneys fault), soo much stuff is blocked that its nearly impossible for armies that arent already good sized to grow, infact, the last time i went on cp, it was to troll lol. I’m also more into minecraft now and am planning to make a minecraft army (in which im not the leader, only the site designer because the guy who wants to lead doesnt know how to use wordpress). All that and i’m trying to gain respect in my band

So We’re Back!

So far I know the following are still here as troops (Please comment if you are still here as well):

  • Agentrds
  • Sky Guy

I suggest that we start recruiting to gain size, and then we can declare war on some army about our size.

i hope everyones happy

my site is DEAD thx to these ppl orca/cheesearmyca/marioman831 why ur my only troops and leaders and you didnt look at my site in about halp a year or maybe a year so its dead my servers go to  freedom fighters of cp (my other army)  ( back up) so what happens to my site G……………………………………………F………………………………………………..X  SITE awesome cp gfx well anyone wants to join is welcome

So I’m Back

I’m returning to Club Penguin and CPUN. Sorry if I wasn’t on Xat; I am currently out of town so I won’t say much for about a week. I also apologize that this was a small post, but that’s I have to say for now. Once I return, I will post again. To make this post longer, I will announce that I will help Keith to set up UTR again. That’s